Protective Foil Application Solution

We cover the surfaces of Chipboard, Mdf, Compact, Laminate, Gypsum Board, FiberCement, Composite, Metal, Glass or different panel types with protective foil and protect the panel surfaces against external factors.
With our newly developed system, we cover the foil on all surfaces of the panels without air bubbles and prevent the problem of opening at the edges and corners.
We provide programmable high-precision automatic cutting system, foil tension adjustment brake mechanism, integrated motor feed and output rollers, adjustable alignment guides at the entrance, automatic variable speed set, automatic controlled thickness adjustment and ergonomic scada display.
Our protective foil coating systems; according to the physical structure of the material and according to the needs of your processes we design and integrate into your online system.
All motors, sensors, photoeyes and other sensors have quick disconnect cables that simplify installation and maintenance
All Emesis structures are made of heavy-duty steel for rugged performance, even in the harshest work environments. They’re built to last forever
Our heavy duty systems are second to none in the industry
We create alternative process solutions with our superior performance and quality systems and design your production processes.

We use optimum working technology in our systems for occupational and employee safety.
We integrate our systems into industry 4.0, ensure vertical integration and transform them into intelligent systems.
We produce value for you.

• Energy and consumption savings
• Quick feeding technology
• Continuous working technology
• High-performance systems featuring a low-vibration design
• High availability and safety, maintenance-friendly
• High stability and long service life
• Low material and maintenance cost
• Efficient spare parts storage and quick spare part replacements
• Innovative software and Ergonomic use with automatic control and communication systems
• High quality end product