Endüstriyel Çözüm Ortağınız

We integrate the preparation, stocking and dosing systems of glue and different components into your chipboard production lines. With the integrated production methods, we prepare, stock, transfer and dossing the right mixture according to your recipe. With our special systems, we reduce consumption amounts and provide energy and glue savings. With the glue saving system, we pulverize the glue, bring it together with the chip in the blender and allow the chip to wrap all the walls. We display and report your consumption instantly, daily, weekly and monthly on our user-friendly ergonomic Scada screens.
We prepare your systems for industry 4.0, ensure vertical integration and transform them into intelligent systems

  • We save energy and consumption
  • We offer continuous operation technology
  • High dosing accuracy and measurement
  • Homogeneous mixture, correct consumption
  • High stability and performance and long life guarantee
  • Low material and maintenance cost
  • Ergonomic use with automatic control and communication systems
  • We produce value for you.