Endüstriyel Çözüm Ortağınız

Solid paraffin is melted in steam heated tanks and transferred to steam heated stock or dosing tank. With our special production heated transfer and dosing pump groups, we transfer melted paraffin without freezing.

We take the paraffin from the tanker in molten state into the stock tank with high capacity and heating and mixer, and transfer to the dosing tank automatically according to the usage amount. We automatically control tank temperatures and keep paraffin constantly melted. We reduce melting and operating costs and offer continuous production.

We display and report your consumption instantly, daily, weekly and monthly on our user-friendly ergonomic Scada screens.

We prepare your systems for industry 4.0, ensure vertical integration and transform them into intelligent systems.

  • We save energy and consumption
  • We offer continuous operation technology
  • High dosing accuracy and measurement
  • Homogeneous mixture, correct consumption
  • High stability and performance and long life guarantee
  • Low material and maintenance cost
  • Ergonomic use with automatic control and communication systems
  • We produce value for you.