Chemical Process Solutions

We offer solutions for your chemical processes with our solution / resin preparation, measuring, dosing and spraying systems. We offer you with our precision measuring instruments as a whole for the right consumption amounts according to the prescription.
We use optimum working technology in our systems for occupational and employee safety.

We prepare your systems for industry 4.0, ensure vertical integration and transform them into intelligent systems.

• Industry 4.0 Integration
• MDF Glue Kitchen Solutions
• MDF Glue Saving System (GSS)
• Participle Board Glue Kitchen Solutions
• Impregnation Glue Kitchen Solutions
• Paraffin Wax Melting Solutions

• We save energy and consumption
• We offer continuous operation technology
• High dosing accuracy and measurement
• Homogeneous mixture, correct consumption
• High stability and performance and long life guarantee
• Low material and maintenance cost
• Ergonomic use with automatic control and communication systems
• We produce value for you.