With our vehicles with automatic routing system, we move your loads between stations, plan processing traffic regulation and reduce your operating costs.
Our AGV vehicles take transport tasks from fleet control software and convert them into intelligently planned orders for the AGV fleet.
We show and report on task reporting and logging, permanent production and full traceability from our user-friendly ergonomic Scada screens.
With Natural Navigation, the definition of route and station location characteristics, waiting points, receiving points, charging points, etc. We make it easy to make changes via our flexible interface.
Our autonomous vehicles are installed as contactless energy transfer or battery powered, and we install contactless charging stations for our battery powered vehicles.
We are able to make our vehicles as tow trucks, carriers and forklifts for your needs and integrate them to all plant needs.
We integrate your business into Industry 4.0 with our intelligent vehicles autonomous driving technology.
Our long-life systems reduce your maintenance and investment costs, our efficient instruments
We use optimum working technology in our systems for occupational and employee safety.
We display and report your traffic, daily, weekly and monthly on our user-friendly ergonomic Scada screens.

• Energy and consumption savings
• Quick feeding technology
• Continuous working technology
• High-performance systems featuring a low-vibration design
• High availability and safety, maintenance-friendly
• High stability and long service life
• Low material and maintenance cost
• Efficient spare parts storage and quick spare part replacements
• Innovative software and Ergonomic use with automatic control and communication systems
• High quality end product